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Terms & Conditions

Due to the nature of lawn service we are not able to provide you with a time for your scheduled service. We can only provide the date. However, you are not required to be there if there are no pets in the backyard and your gate is unlocked. Service notifications are provided as a convenience and are not guaranteed. 


Services not mentioned in the above Service(s) Requested, they are not scheduled or quoted. Please inform us as soon as possible if the service listed is not what you requested. Fresh Lawn can not guarantee last minute changes or same day service due to other clients on schedule. If we are unable to accommodate same day services, you will be refunded the same day service fee. Crew(s) schedule(s) reflect time allotted for the quoted amount. For services not quoted or for excessively discrepant scope of work vs. quoted amount, service might not be provided same day.


NOTE: BAGGING CLIPPINGS and/or LEAF PICKUP are additional charges and  not included in standard mow, edge & blow service.
Prices and estimates provided over the phone are estimates only obtained from available online resources and information provided by you (the customer).

When we reach the property there might be additional charges required to complete the job if the actual service required is different than the quoted service rate. You will be notified and have the opportunity to approve additional charges before we begin the work. We reserve the right to not service your yard if it is overgrown without an overgrowth fee. 

Your credit card ending in [cardlast4] will be charged for your first service. After the initial service, payment for subsequent services is due upon completion of each service unless other specific payment terms have been approved and acknowledged in writing by Fresh Lawn Mowing Service. For your convenience, your account will be set up for auto debit to your credit card on file. You will not be charged until after each service is complete. Please be aware that we reserve the right to charge the original card we have on file should your account become delinquent. If payment is not received you could be assessed interest charges and late fees. Fresh Lawn reserves the right to add an $.85 booking fee to each service. Payment for the initial service constitutes acceptance of these terms unless Fresh Lawn Mowing Service is notified in writing in advance of the initial service that terms are not agreed to.

All cancellations must be made at least 12 hours in advance of the day service is scheduled. Any service issues must be reported within 24 hours to be eligible for a 0 cost redo or refund. Rain delays will be rescheduled at the earliest available time.


We are not liable for any pre-existing damage on the property or any damage caused by existing debris or rocks on the property including broken windows. We are not liable for broken sprinkler heads that are sticking up out of the ground. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure all gates are unlocked and no pets are in the yard on the scheduled service day. If we are unable to perform any service due to not having access or if the yard has already been serviced and does not need service, you will still be charged the full service rate. We reserve the right to re-schedule service to the soonest available time should service not be able to be performed due to any unforeseen circumstances not the fault of the customer.

We will do our best to accommodate any special requests or instructions such as call aheads by the service technicians but we cannot guarantee them. We are not responsible for gates left open or any issues regarding pets in the yard.


Thank you for choosing Fresh Lawn!




Fresh Lawn Team


Disclaimer: Quoted price(s) are based on client proved information on initial call/email when scheduling service(s) with CSR. Due to client providing information, Fresh Lawn Mowing Services does not give FREE service(s), credit account(s) or discount service(s) for rescheduling due to quoted "wrong/less/lack of "by CSR. Crew(s) schedules reflect quoted amount. If the service is NOT quoted, that service(s) may not be provided the same day. Fresh Lawn will NOT automatically reschedule service(s) that we were unable to complete due to the original quoted rate being discrepant from the rate needed to provide services in the property's actual condition.

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