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Seven Obscure Reasons it Doesn't Suck to Live in Houston

Updated: Mar 27

We Love Houston Sign
We Love Houston Sign

Houston, TX is a great place to live, but it may not all be due to the obvious reasons. Here are 7 of the not so obvious reasons why people love this city that would only be known to the people who actually live here, according to Houston's #1 hometown lawn care authority Fresh Lawn.

Sure Houston has gained a better reputation as a great place to live over the last few years. People look to move here because of the low cost of living and the obvious amenities Houston has to offer like sunny weather with short mild winters, great sports teams and the multitude of cultural and entertainment activities.

Actually, the best things about living in this city are little known to outsiders. Sure, we enjoy the obvious things that come to mind, but there are also reasons that are not so obvious. Here is our list of why we love this town.

1. Houston is a humid city and the heat and humidity can be stifling at times. The moisture in the air with the proximity to the lakes, bayous and the Gulf of Mexico also offers benefits. The greenery is deep and lush with a unique feel as if living in a metropolitan rain forest. The way the landscape looks after a hard rain is as if the city has been given a bath and watered all of its’ plants. It is truly unique and beautiful.

2. Speaking of all of the moisture in the air, have you seen the skin on the people who live here? It’s as if there is constantly a moisturizer being applied that prevents dryness and slows the aging process. Put a Houstonian up against a person from somewhere like New York or Arizona and the difference will be obvious.

3. Big city with a hometown feel. Everyone knows that Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the world. The cultural melting pot offers a variety of different cuisines, clothing, religions and entertainment to experience. Houston has experienced challenges in its growth but at the heart of the city it is still a southern charmer. People are warm and friendly. No matter race, creed or color neighbors help neighbors. Strangers say hello on the street, share a laugh or an Astros story together. When the Astros are in contention, EVERYONE becomes an Astro.

4. Houston has some of the nearest and best places to go to if you just want to cruise around the city on a weekend morning. There are so many choices it is hard to nail down just a few. A good start would be the drive down Memorial Drive and Allen Parkway, which is a truly fun and beautiful way to enjoy the city. After that, take a cruise through River Oaks or the Heights. The possibilities are endless and a terrific way to have a good time sight seeing your own city.

5. Speaking of driving, Houstonians have a love affair with their cars and it is definitely a car town. Venture out on a Saturday morning down Washington Avenue and it is a veritable car show. Everything from foreign super cars to huge 4 wheel drive custom trucks can be seen, and, boy, are we proud of them! To get a closer look check out Cars and Coffee on the first Saturday of every month.

6. Yes, Houston has floods and hurricanes. For those that live here, we know how it goes. During these scary times we know that people are out there helping people. Nobody has to go through it alone. There is a hero spirit in these Texas folks that comes out with a vengeance. The idea is that NOBODY gets left behind and we know just how to do it.

7. Houston is a holiday town. The celebrations stretch far and wide and just as one would expect they are usually big and spectacular. During Christmas and Halloween, the playfulness and enjoyment of the decorations can’t be missed. Houston people take great care of their lawns and love to deck them out for the holidays. Truly fun and a sight to see!

So there are just 7 of the things we love about the great city of Houston. Oh, there are a lot more, but we don’t want to give away all of our secrets.

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