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Houston Lawn Service — Seasonality

Houston, TX is a city located just 50 miles west of the Gulf of Mexico and is scattered with numerous bayous. The climate of Houston is classified as a Humid subtropical climate, with tropical influences. August normally ranks as the warmest month at 94.5 °F and January the coldest month at 42.2 °F. The normal annual precipitation measures 49.77 inches. The most pervasive type of lawn grass in Houston is St. Augustine. St. Augustine is a dark and lush green grass with broad, flat blades. The growing season for lawns with St. Augustine grass in Houston is generally from late February early March to October depending on temperature fluctuations. After then the grass goes dormant. St Augustine grass will go dormant when the soil temperatures fall below 55 degrees. If the soil stays warmer than 60 degrees all year, the grass will stay green. It will, however, slow in growth as the soil drops in temperature. One of the disadvantages of St Augustine grass is its poor wear tolerance. During the growing season the grass will need to be mowed to prevent overgrowth. Overgrowth affects both the beauty and the safety of your lawn. Fresh Lawn recommends that you have your lawn service bi-weekly during Spring and Fall and weekly during Summer.

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