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Fresh Lawn Provides Tips on How to Spot the Biggest Lawn Service Scams on the Internet

Buyer beware when searching for lawn service online. Some of the top search results for lawn service are not what they seem to be. No doubt most cities or towns have truly legitimate local lawn service providers but beware of the large web based services that are actually just a clearinghouse that takes a service request and farms it out to any contractor that will accept the job. They take the money but leave all of the aspects of service and communication up to the crew that provides the service. Most of the time these contractors are not vetted properly. They could be uninsured, have criminal backgrounds, do not speak English or be very inexperienced and ruin the lawn. If they do not provide satisfactory service it might be a struggle to get a refund or have them come back to fix the issue and good luck getting a hold of anyone at the clearinghouse.

As a rule of thumb, most of the lawn service companies listed at the top of the search engines are national companies based out of the area or are sites that get paid to generate leads and sell the leads to multiple different lawn service providers so that the provider can try and sell the service. Neither of these 2 types of companies would be considered experts in lawn maintenance services that are tailored to a particular climate or topography. The providers that they sell or farm out the job information to could possibly have many years of experience or it could be their first day.

Digging deep into some of the national lawn service providers at the top of the search results will show that the reviews are quite possibly fake postings from the use of bots or spamming the review sites. It is virtually impossible for a nationwide service company to have so many 5 star reviews with little or no negative reviews in comparison. This is because they have no standards or consistency for their providers. They have spammed the system with fake non-related articles, blogs and reviews in an attempt to legitimize the trust in their service and obtain a top listing on the search engines. This is all done for marketing and has nothing to do with their quality, service or expertise.

The moral of the story? It is always best to reach out to a locally owned and operated service company with many years in the lawn service business like Houston , TX based Fresh Lawn to see how a legitimate service handles business!

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