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Lawn Watering Advice for Optimum Lawn Care

Updated: Mar 23, 2023


Watering your lawn is important for healthy grass, especially in the heat. Sprinkler systems can help maintain lush and beautiful lawns. You can also water the yard yourself with a good hose and watering nozzle. Don’t over-water your grass if you use an automatic sprinkler system. Sprinklers should water just when needed, not daily or biweekly. One of our lawn care experts can help you decide what your grass needs to look its best all year.

If Grass looks wilted or not standing up, is brown or looks burnt or footprints appear on grass when walked on then it’s time to water your lawn.

Spring lawns should be watered sparingly. Spring rains keep your lawn moist. Waiting, even during a rain break, allows deep-rooting (this is when the grass is slightly dry and will grow roots deeper which helps reach more nutrients in the soil).

Summer lawns need frequent watering. Here are summer lawn care ideas. Morning is best for watering.

In the summer, your lawn should get 1 to 1.5 inches of water from rain and irrigation. Every 2–3 days, water your yard. Over-watering your lawn every day can cause long-term difficulties.

Fall lawn watering For Fall watering homeowners often think their grass doesn’t need watering in the fall because it’s cooler. If you want a healthy lawn and roots, water it well into the fall so it has ample moisture for winter.

Winter lawns don’t need watering. As long as you’re still mowing and your grass is growing, you may need to water. Winter rain and snow should offer enough moisture.

In general water your lawn 2–3 times each week, not every day.

7-inch-deep watering is recommended and the morning is the best time for watering.

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